f your child wants their hearing aid to be colourful, talk to your audiologist about the range of shades or designs available for their model.

In case you cannot get the coloured options you like from your audiologist, or in a hearing aid centre, there are ways you can decorate the device to give your kid what he/she wants.

Decorating your child’s aids is a great way to show off individual confidence, and also a fun way to motivate your kid to wear his or her hearing aid (for those of them).


However, before you go about decorating your child’s hearing device, here is what you should take into consideration:


What you should know before decorating your child’s hearing aid

  • Ensure that the parts on the device that should be uncovered remain uncovered. Such parts include the microphone and speaker.
  • Do not use any material that will interfere with the quality of sound performance.
  • It is advisable to check with your audiologist before you start decorating.


If you are interested in decorating your child’s hearing aid, here are some ideas on hearing aid decoration.


stickers for hearing aid decorationsStickers

You can easily find small stickers that fit nicely on your child’s hearing device in the shops or a hearing aid centre in Malaysia. Your child will likely pick out her favourite cartoon character or theme to adorn her ears.

You can also make simple hearing aid stickers from any children’s stickers of an appropriate size. It is the cheapest option for brightening up your kid’s hearing aids and it can be found in shops or supermarkets.


nail foil used in hearing aid decorations

Nail foils

Stickers will definitely add a nice touch to your child’s hearing aid. However, if you want the device to be fully covered with a bold look, nail foils are the way to go. They can be easily attached and layered onto the hearing aid.

If you opt for nail foils, ensure that it fits perfectly, and doesn’t cover the microphone area. Also, ensure that you cut so that the battery door is easily accessible.


permanent markerSharpies or permanent markers

Sharpies or permanent markers are a great way to customize and brighten up your child’s hearing aid to any colour they like.

Before you do this, carry out a litmus test to ensure that you will be using a true permanent marker to avoid leaving any nasty stains on the device. Also, ensure that the markers will not react with your kid’s skin.


character ears \ hair bands

Character ears

Character ears are a great idea to decorate your kid’s hearing aids. For instance, for girls who like to play with the fairies, find a decorative butterfly or dragonfly hair accessory, or you could craft embellishments that look like butterflies and cut through in half.

Next, use either a double-sided tape or loom bands to grip around your child’s hearing aid. Headbands also help to stop the hearing aids from falling off.




Earrings can be used to make decorations for hearing tubes by removing the hook or stud at the back and replacing the metal jewellery hoop to go over the tubing.

This can be very beautiful, especially when there are lots of seasonal styles available, such as Halloween, Christmas, or Easter. With this, your child can dress up with the same earrings or accessories as their hearing friends. Cool, isn’t it?



There you have it! Some of the best tips on decorating your child’s hearing aids. These tricks will make your child’s hearing aids quite the treat! It is a golden opportunity to be bold and let your child express himself or herself with colours and characters that mean something to them.

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