There has always been a lot of misconceptions about hearing aids. Some of them may have once been true, but are no longer valid claims. Others are outright myths which have developed into stereotypes.

Those suffering from these stereotypes need to know the truth, as myths can cause a sense of fear that creates undue stress. Knowing the truth can give those who are suffering, peace of mind.


Here are the common myths about hearing loss:


small hearing aid

Myth 1: Hearing Aids are big, bulky and unsightly

Nowadays, hearing aids are considerably smaller and more discreet than ever. They even come in a wide range of colors and shapes, just like watches and cell phones.

There are even hearing aids that are placed in the ear canal, and they are completely invisible.


Old couple wearing hearing aid

Myth 2: Hearing aids make everything sound too loud

This myth may have been true thirty years ago, but not today. Many years ago, people were messing with their hearing aids, turning them up, turning them down, as they will.

Back then, it was all or nothing. Today, hearing aids can be adjusted in extreme minute increments.

Many of them have a variety of programmes that you can use for different situations: some hearing aids will adjust automatically, while some come with remote controls. It is advisable to work with your audiologist until you have gotten the right fit.


holding hearing aid

Myth 3: Hearing aids are too expensive

This statement may have been true back in the day. However, hearing aids, today, are quite affordable. Many of them are actually low priced, and there are also a lot of discount options as well.

If you must opt for the one that is slightly expensive, due to your hearing needs, there are insurance plans that cover situations like this, financing options, and tax credits as well.


kind wearing hearing aid

Myth 4: Hearing aids are only for old people, or they’ll make me feel old

It is understandable that you may be concerned that hearing aids will affect your appearance, especially for young people, since hearing loss is commonly associated with old folks.

However, modern hearing aids are tiny and can be worn inside the ear. This makes them comfortable and completely invisible to the eyes of others. With many types available, you won’t have a problem choosing one that is suitable for you.

However, before you invest in one, make sure you see an audiologist to carry out a hearing test before prescribing the one that is appropriate.


old person talking on the phone while wearing hearing aid

Myth 5: Hearing aids are for people with severe hearing loss

If this statement was true, it could also be said that vision correction is only for people with severe myopia.

However, both statements aren’t true. Hearing aids can greatly assist people with mild to moderate hearing loss, and there are many models available for just this purpose.

Even if a person has a mild hearing loss, they could still be missing out on discussions with grandchildren, the elements of your favourite music or even the sounds of birds singing.


hearing aid for daily life

Myth 6: I only need to wear one hearing aid

We hear better when we use both ears. Sound comes in every direction.

Therefore, wearing one hearing in the ear you’re experiencing a loss will certainly help, but two digital hearing aids will help much more than just one.


buying hearing aid online

Myth 7: Buying hearing aids online will save you time and money

Hearing aids are used for medical purposes. They are not like any other electronic device you can shop online.

You should never try to buy hearing aids yourself, whether online or offline.


In a Nutshell

The technology behind hearing aids are way better today, than it was, many years ago. Modern hearing aids are very comfortable, quiet, and effective at improving hearing loss.

When you visit the hearing aid centre in Malaysia, you will find a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Visit a hearing aid centre to see a licensed audiologist who will ensure that you select the appropriate hearing aid for your situation.

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