In order to find out more about your hearing habits, the expert will ask you a number of questions. You will be asked about situations in which you have noticed the hearing loss. In addition, you will determine together, whether you would like to use a hearing aid in the future and in which situations a hearing aid could help you.

About hearing

1 Do people seem to mumble or speak in softer voice than they used to do? yes no
2 Do you have difficulty following conversation in noisy surroundings like in a restaurant or at  a party? yes no
3 Do you find yourself asking people to repeat what they say? yes no
4 Do you find you need to turn up the volume on your TV so that others comment on its loudness? yes no
5 Do you sometimes avoid taking calls on the telephone because it is difficult to hear what people are asking? yes no
6 Do you have difficulty pinpointing the direction of where a sound is coming from? yes no
7 Has someone close to you mentioned the you may have an issue with your hearing? yes no
8 Do you feel you use a lot of effort just to follow everyday conversations? yes no
9 Do you feel you have to strain to hear everything that is said in a meeting? yes no
10 Do you feel that you are missing out on activities/events you used to enjoy due to problems with your hearing? yes no
11 Do you sometimes answer a question and realise afterwards that you did not understand the question correct? yes no
12 Do you feel you must really concentrate to hear someone talk or whisper? yes no

About you

» Have you ever visited a hearing care professional regarding your hearing?
yes no
» How socially active are you?
Not very active Moderately active Very active
» How concerned are you about your hearing?
Not concerned Somewhat concerned Very concerned
If you answer YES more than 5 of the questions, you may experience a certain degree of hearing loss but please keep in mind that this evaluation is not a professional hearing test. You may need to seek professional advice from Audiologist, ENT specialist or hearing aid dispenser. Which of these experts is right for you? An overview of different experts will help you.
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