Nowadays, hearing aid manufacturers are developing products that are smaller, attractive, simpler to use, and with a lot of other exciting, innovative features.

Let’s dive right into the features of the next innovation of hearing aids in 2019 and beyond.


Rechargeable hearing aidInnovations in Hearing Aid Charging Capability

Rechargeable batteries for hearing aids have been around for a long time now. However, the next innovation devices are placed in a charging pod for about 30 minutes and expected to hold a six-hour charge.

For 3 hours in a charging pod, it is expected to hold a 24-hour charge. With this innovation, users don’t need to worry about running out of battery. To know more about this innovation, visit the nearest hearing aid centre in Malaysia, such as Perfect Hearing.


binaural hearing aids

Innovations in Hearing Aid Sound Synchrony

Older innovations of hearing aids allowed hearing aids to work independently from each other. What this means is that they functioned as a monaural device. With innovations in hearing aid sound synchrony, hearing aids now have the binaural capability.

A wireless signal connects binaural hearing aids. What this feature does is that when a user adjusts one hearing aid, the change also takes effect on the other hearing aid.

Another feature this innovation presents is that users will no longer be bombarded with different sounds coming into their ears. With the new binaural innovation, it creates one overall sound that resembles natural hearing.


Hearing Aid Apps

Innovations in Hearing Aid Apps

There are two categories of apps that connect hearing aid users to their smartphones and tablets.


Hearing aid amplifier apps

These apps make use of the inbuilt microphone in the hearing aids to amplify the sounds around the user. Some of these apps also help equalize sounds between the ears while decreasing the background noise.


Hearing aid controller apps

These apps allow users to control and adjust different features of their hearing aid directly on their Smartphone.

These hearing aid apps are also available for use in Malaysia. When you visit a hearing aid centre, a specialist will best advise you on which app is best for your condition.


hearing aid connected to bluetooth

Innovations in Hearing Aid Wireless Connectivity (Bluetooth)

Hearing aid manufacturers are making sure that their devices allow users to connect to Bluetooth enabled devices. With this innovation, users are more connected to and aware of their environment.

This innovation is excellent for entertainment because when users stream music, videos, or TV programs directly from the Bluetooth devices connected to their hearing aid, the hearing aids work equally as a pair of earphones.



Introduction of Biometric Sensors

Hearing aids with a biometric sensor measures heart rate, R-R interval, activity levels, and energy expenditure. The biometric sensor offers comprehensive vital sign information.

Placing the sensor in receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids gives it complete access to track that info. The addition of sensors to hearing aids means that users can monitor their fitness levels while hearing better.


Hearing Aids with Personal Assistants

With this innovation, your hearing aids will no longer be a device you have to wear; they will become something you want to wear. Hearing aids with a personal assistant feature make users’ day-to-day life more comfortable.

This feature works as reminders, keeping you apprised of your schedule and the updates during your day that are important to you.


Innovations in Hearing Aid Size

With today’s innovations, hearing aids are becoming smaller and smaller. Whether they’re inside-the-ear or behind-the-ear, hearing aids are becoming harder and harder to detect by others.

Additionally, hearing aids are offered in a variety of sizes, meant to complement any ear size and shape.



With the arrival of new technological innovations, hearing aids are now multi-functional devices. Hearing aids have gone beyond being devices you want to wear because you have to, they are now devices you wear because you want to.

With these innovations, your hearing aids enrich your life in many ways that go beyond just hearing better. Remember to see an audiologist at Perfect Hearing for a hearing test before you invest in a hearing aid.

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