Tinnitus and hearing loss may be closely related, yet it is a bit different from one another. Hearing loss is self-explanatory. It can be temporary or permanent.

On the other hand, Tinnitus is that condition that causes ringing in the ears.


Both conditions are closely related because both of them can be caused by inner ear nerve damage.

The inner ear is a very fragile part of your body, and damage to the inner ear can occur very easily.


The difference between the two is the severity of the damage. A severe case of tinnitus can eventually lead to hearing loss.

Therefore, if the ringing in the ear becomes louder, you should see an audiologist or visit a hearing aid centre as fast as possible.

Early detection and treatment can prevent a permanent condition.

Can the Ringing be heard by someone Else?

You may think the ringing in your ear is from an external sound and can be heard by someone else. But you soon find out that this is not true as you are the only person hearing the sound.


Tinnitus is often subjective for 99% of the cases; this means that only the person experiencing the ringing can hear the sound.

The other 1% is considered objective; depending on the cause of the tinnitus.


Your doctor may hear ancillary sounds connected to the ringing such a ‘heartbeat’ within the ear.

This is known as pulsatile tinnitus and can be a sign of issues within the blood vessels.

Certainly, to find out more about your condition, a hearing test in Malaysia is highly recommended.

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Why are my Ears Ringing?

When your ears start to ring, it could be that your ears are trying to tell you something. It could be trying to tell you that something is not working quite right.

It can be a sign of an impending hearing loss or damage to the ear. The damage usually occurs within the cochlea or hair cells that protect the ear.

At this point, the brain doesn’t receive the sounds it expects, which stimulates the neurons to produce or imagine a false sound; hence, the ringing.

Tinnitus can have many causes, and you shouldn’t go for more than two weeks without having a hearing test in Malaysia.


Will Tinnitus Lead to Hearing Loss?

There are about 200 diseases that can cause Tinnitus, and hearing loss is just one of those conditions.

Many researchers have tried to connect Tinnitus and hearing loss because they both come as a result of damage to the auditory system.

However, Tinnitus does not cause hearing loss; not in every case. If Tinnitus affects your everyday life, see an audiologist as fast as possible.

It could be a sign that you need a hearing aid or some other kind of treatment.

When allowed to linger for too long, it could lead to further damage, which could lead to hearing loss.

Will My Ear Ever Stop Ringing?

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The answer to the above question is largely dependent on the cause of the ringing.

If the ringing is as a result of a certain medication you’re taking, stopping the medication will stop the ringing.

However, if the ringing is as a result of long exposure to loud events or a sudden sound, the hearing should return to normal over time.


If the ringing lasts for up to six months, it is called Chronic Tinnitus.

There are many people who experience this condition and doctors are working or seeking treatment methods since there is no definitive cure.


Ensure that you keep your audiologist or hearing aid centre updated on the state of your hearing since there is no known test to detect tinnitus.

If you have more questions regarding your hearing, please feel free to make an appointment with our friendly staff at Perfect Hearing.

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