You deserve to have the best chance to hear the world around you.

As you age and you start to deal with loss to your perfect hearing, you may start to consider the idea of visiting an ear specialist in Penang or Melaka.

Not only is this a great idea for your own quality of life, but it’s also much more easily accessible than you’d think.

You can find a wide selection of options for an ENT clinic in Malaysia that will offer you the test and all of the hearing aid supplies that you need at the same time.

Here’s what you should know about getting hearing aids in Malaysia.


Choose Your Location

There are two options for you to choose from when it comes to your hearing aid trial. These are selected in order to make sure that you feel at your most comfortable for the test itself.

• At a clinic:

You can visit a local ENT clinic at Penang, Johor Bahru, Selangor, KL and Melaka and get your trial conducted there.

These clinics are designed with top of the line equipment and friendly team of experienced staff members that will make it their mission to make you feel at home and comfortable while you are waiting for your trial, getting it done, or waiting for results.

• At home:

You can also now request that an ear specialist come directly to you at your home so that you can enjoy the trial itself from the comfort of your own home.

This is often referred by those who have mobility issues, are sick or frail, or simply don’t enjoy going outside very often.

old man having hearing test

Which is The Right One?

When looking to get a trial for a hearing aid in Penang it can be tricky to figure out which option is going to be the best for you.

The core answer here is that the right location for you is the one that feels right in all ways. If you are someone who doesn’t mind going to a clinic, you’ll find that the clinic-based test can be the most productive.

The staff members are respectful, experienced, and ready to answer all of your questions as many times as you need.


If, however, travelling is not possible for you, or you strongly prefer staying at home with loved ones, you will be able to have the test come directly to you with the in-home trial program.

You’ll still get clear instructions, answers to as many of your questions as possible, an advanced test, and results that you can use to figure out just how you need to move forward.


A Few Notes

There is a charge for those who would prefer to go with an in-home trial. This is simply done to cover the fees of the specialist for coming directly to you (transportation, gas, etc).

You will also need to set up a time that works for both specialist, yourself, and a family member who can be with you in order to help explain any information possible about your hearing loss.


Regardless of where you decide to go to get your test done in a clinic or at home, you’ll be able to get the right help and support that you need right where you need it most.

Whether you the test depicts that you have perfect hearing in your own, or you may possibly need the support of a hearing aid, it’s better to know how for sure by doing a formal and recognized test, than simply assuming one way or the other.

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