A hearing aid fitting appointment is an extremely vital piece of the puzzle with regard to treating your hearing loss and obtaining your hearing aids. In the appointment, you’ll learn about the different styles, options, and features available to you.

When you are diagnosed with a hearing loss and a hearing aid is recommended, a hearing aid fitting appointment with your audiologist will help determine a suitable device for your condition and lifestyle.

Keep reading to learn why a hearing aid fitting appointment is vital.


1. Ensures That The Hearing Aid Fits

This is one of the main reasons for a hearing aid fitting appointment. During your appointment, your audiologist will ensure that your hearing aids fit properly. Proper fitting includes your physical comfort and the ability to get the best sound experience possible.

When it comes to hearing aids, you don’t want a device that causes any form of discomfort, bruises, or pains. You need something you can wear and forget there’s something in your ear. Therefore, your audiologist will take the time to try out different devices until you get a perfect fit.


2. Programming Your Hearing Aids

After you’ve found the perfect, your audiologist will have to program your hearing aids to fashion them to meet your specific hearing loss requirements. He will set up the hearing aids to ensure that the settings and volumes are perfect for your needs and preferences.

The audiologist will also put the hearing aids in your ear while they are on so that you can check if they are working as you expect.


3. Professional Advice and Instructions

When you have found the perfect fit, and your hearing aid is programmed accurately, your audiologist will give you instructions about proper usage and maintenance.

The instructions will include details about how to clean your device correctly to replacing the batteries. Your audiologist will also give instructions about what not to do with your hearing aids, such as storing your device in unsafe places, doing your hair, swimming, bathing, etc.


a whole set of hearing aids


4. You Get Only High-Quality Products

Another benefit of a hearing aid fitting appointment is access to high-quality devices. Most people are not sure about what to look for in a good hearing aid. Therefore, how else can you know you’re making an excellent choice for your hearing aids?

For those who live locally, when you go for your hearing aid fitting appointment at a hearing aid centre in Johor Bahru, you will have access to hearing aids that are thoroughly tested and recommended by an audiologist. At this time, you know you’re getting a quality product that is worth your money.


5. You Get to See a Demonstration

During your appointment, you get to see a demonstration of how your hearing aid works. You’ll be shown what the different buttons do, how to use your device, and how to take proper care of your hearing aids.

You don’t get any of this information when you buy your hearing aids online or from a shop.


a hearing aid device on the palm


6. You Can Ask Questions

During your appointment, you can give feedback and ask questions regarding your hearing aid. Therefore, if something doesn’t feel right, your audiologist can make adjustments to ensure you are getting your desired result.

Remember, when it comes to fitting your hearing, there’s no such thing as a silly question. Every question will be addressed until you get satisfied. Therefore, if you don’t go for a hearing aid fitting appointment, then your questions and issues may not be resolved.


The Bottom Line

Hearing aid fitting is vital to getting your hearing aids, and something you cannot afford to miss. If you want your hearing aids to work effectively, you need to attend your fitting appointment.

The audiologist will ensure that you find the right hearing that fits properly, work effectively, is high-quality, and even show you how to use it. Visit our nearest hearing aid centre to find out more, check all our branches in Malaysia.

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