When was the last time you had your hearing checked by an audiologist?

Audiologists are healthcare providers that specialize in diagnosing, treating, and preventing hearing conditions.

Loss of hearing can affect the quality of your life. Therefore, it is advisable to see an audiologist now and then for a check-up. And if your hearing condition is poor, they can prescribe a hearing aid or refer you to a hearing aid centre. Your audiologist will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and tell you how severe your condition is.

However, there are certain activities; you can partake in to help improve your hearing. Activities such as exercises, scheduling a hearing test in Malaysia, not listening to loud sounds, etc.


female and male jogging

Daily Exercise

Daily exercise like running, jumping, skipping, swimming, etc. will help improve blood circulation to the inner ear, specifically to the cochlea. The cochlea is a part of your ear that is responsible for converting sound vibrations into nerve impulses.

Having a healthy blood flow will also prevent the loss of neurotransmitters (the messengers in your brain that is responsible for transporting signals). A study revealed that two hours of exercise a week are enough to lower the risk of hearing loss.


girl and adult female yogaYoga

Much like other kinds of exercise, the ebb and flow of yoga help to improve the circulation of blood in your ears. Various poses and positions — tree, triangle, lotus, camel, etc. — can protect and improve hearing.

Yoga is also known to relieve those suffering from tinnitus. Researchers have found that with continuous yoga practice, stress and the symptoms of tinnitus can be reduced to a certain level.


Go for a Hearing Evaluation

hearing checkOne sure way of improving your hearing is to go for a regular hearing evaluation. Visit an audiologist so that he can check the current health of your hearing and also monitor it as you grow older.

When you do this regularly, you have a good chance of detecting any problems on time, and treat them before it gets worse. Several hearing aid centres can carry a hearing test in Malaysia.


Playing Games

When you keep your brain fit and healthy, it may reduce the risk of loss in hearing. Such games include games that test your audio skills; found online or your device’s app store.

Researchers tested a group of older adults, where half of the group was given memory stimulating games, and the other half were made to focus on games that followed streams of conversations. It was discovered that those who followed the conversation were able to improve their hearing capabilities significantly.


Sound Location

This activity is pretty easy and can be fun to do. It doesn’t matter whether you are waiting in line at a store or you are lying in bed, it can be done anywhere and at any time. Try to pick up various sounds that buzz around you; distinguish what’s making the sounds.

For a moment, see if you can filter the noises around and then bring the sounds into focus. This activity can improve your hearing as it trains you on how to focus more on only what you want to listen to.


hearing aids

Wearing your Hearing Aids

Have you been diagnosed with a hearing loss, and a healthcare provider prescribed hearing aid as a treatment? You will be doing yourself a great deal of favor if you wear the aids as recommended.

When you use your hearing aid, the sound is amplified to provide the boost that your ear needs to send sound waves to the auditory area of the brain, where it is then processed as recognizable sound. Wearing your aids will improve the quality of your hearing.


In a Nutshell

In short, you can improve your hearing by engaging in activities such as daily exercise, Yoga, playing games, wearing a hearing aid, and more.

Getting a hearing test in Malaysia is also important in checking the current health of your hearing and monitor it as you grow older.

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