New front line innovations have reduced the size of hearing aid devices – making them basically invisible. These digital hearing aid devices pack a lot of power irrespective of its small size. They are furnished with programmed functions like noise reduction, speech recognition, and feedback cancellation.

Additionally, these modern hearing aid devices enable you to pair your cell phone, TV, or any Bluetooth-enabled gadget with your hearing aid device, and stream telephone calls as well as music, movies and TV programs directly to your portable hearing aid device.

In recent times, hearing aid devices are not just amplifiers; they are small and high performing computers that work intuitively. You can connect wirelessly to other devices for added control of your hearing aids.

The modern-day hearing aid devices offer more features than the best hearing aid devices of years back.


New and Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aid devices have become more automatic and also offer more features to ease communication thanks to continuous technological innovation.

These innovative technologies have caused a slight increase in the price of hearing aid devices, which have also led to a corresponding increase in their features.


Below are the new features offered in new hearing aid devices:


hearing lossTop-of-the-line sound processing and frequency response

Every hearing aid processes sound. This means that when the hearing aid receives sound, it processes it, then sections the sound into channels before it is amplified.

The more innovative the hearing aid, the better it channel sounds, customized according to the prescription for your hearing loss.

For instance, if your deficiency is in high-frequency hearing loss, a better-made hearing aid device can perfectly amplify the sounds, whereas a lower-end or cheaper model may amplify mid and high-frequency sounds.


hearing aid connected to bluetoothBluetooth compatibility

This is a wireless feature that allows the hearing aid device to connect to smartphones and every other device that uses Bluetooth via a mediating device.

Bluetooth technology has the capability to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and also removes feedback from the microphone because the signal neglects the

microphone and moves directly into the hearing aid’s processor.


Rechargeable hearing aidRechargeable hearing aid device

Increasingly, hearing aid devices is now rechargeable, thereby allowing a person to stop swapping batteries or buying new batteries every few days or weeks.

These are widely available with most hearing aid models in recent years. You can find them in a hearing aid centre in Malaysia, such as Perfect Hearing.


hearing aid with ai

Artificial intelligence

Most recent hearing aids have a feature that allows them to study your preferences, a type of artificial intelligence.

When you log the volume control settings and program preferences for a particular environment, the hearing aid devices begin to make these changes automatically

when the environment is detected. This lessens your need to make the adjustments manually.


binaural processing hearing aidsBinaural processing

Binaural processing simply refers to a pair of hearing aid devices communicating wirelessly with each other.

This innovative technology mimics the brain’s capability to process information coming from both ears and helps to reduce manual adjustments.

It is commonly used to keep the hearing aid devices operating synchronously or to stream auditory signals from one hearing aid device to the other.


data storing hearing aid Data logging

This feature stores data about the listening environments in which you wear your hearing aid device and your choice of programs, volume levels and other features.

Only the hearing healthcare professional can access this information when you return for a follow-up appointment. This information may be used to customize your hearing aid device fitting.



Take some time to decide what you want the device to do for you when you decide to invest in a hearing aid device. Remember, you need a hearing aid device that will serve you properly even if you don’t utilize all the latest features.

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