The world of hearing aid technology has evolved continuously with the introduction of new devices in the market, yearly.

The increase in the number of people with hearing loss/issues has caused a corresponding increase in the demand for hearing aid devices.

This has prompted the manufacturers to come out with new products in order to meet the demands of customers. The innovation started first with rechargeable batteries, now it has progressed to rechargeable hearing aid devices.


Rechargeable batteryRechargeable Battery

Hearing aid devices with rechargeable batteries have been in the market for some time now and it has been an easy choice compared to continuous purchasing of new ones.

Buying new batteries, in the long run, will actually cost more. And not forgetting that you’ll have to wait until you buy new ones before you can use your hearing aid device.

Rechargeable batteries ensure that you can charge them at night when you’re not using your hearing aids. Once your device is fully charged, you can then put the batteries back in the morning and use it as normal.


Rechargeable hearing aid

Rechargeable hearing aids

The rechargeable hearing aid device operates like the batteries. The only difference is that you charge the device itself rather than charging the battery.

The rechargeable hearing aid device comes with a charging pod where you can place your device for charging and then use them again when it is fully charged.


rechargeable hearing aidWhy rechargeable hearing aids?

Rechargeable devices ensure that you don’t have to worry about replacing your battery as it is not just a waste of time, but an extra inconvenience added to your day to day life.

Imagine waking up and getting ready for an appointment only to realize that your batteries need replacement and you don’t have any spare left. A rechargeable device affords you the opportunity to avoid this as you can charge your device every night and use them during the daytime.

Rechargeable devices also relieve the stress of having to constantly spend money on new batteries as charging your hearing device is cheaper. Additionally, the rechargeable hearing aid also helps people with limited mastery as they do not have to worry themselves about how to change batteries, which poses a huge problem for some people, especially the older generation.


holding hearing aid

Are rechargeable hearing aids cheap?

Innovative technology comes with extra pay. It is important to visit a hearing aid centre in Malaysia, take a hearing test and confer with a hearing aid specialist who could choose a hearing aid for you with the right quality.

And of course, to get such improved hearing aid quality, the rechargeable hearing aid device is a good bet, but will probably be more expensive than a non-rechargeable one. But think about the battery you need to replace on a regular basis on your non-rechargeable hearing aid. They cost money too.


wearing haring aid Fitting

The fitting procedure of all hearing aid devices is similar. All you need is to consult with our hearing aid specialists, who will advise on the device you should buy.

The rechargeable hearing aid devices are suitable for all categories of hearing loss. The era of wearing unattractive hearing aid devices is over.

The modern hearing aid device features more stylish design that matches the user’s style and mood.


Rechargeable hearing aids review

There is no denying that the charging option of a hearing aid is a significant feature highly valued by customers. As batteries are an important component of a hearing aid device, this new innovative technology eliminates the stress involved in wearing the aid and also changing of batteries.

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