The two most common reasons that lead to individuals losing their hearing over time are age and noise.

This is because as we get older, the tiny hair cells in our inner ear tend to break down and lose the ability to pick up sound vibrations as they used to do.

In addition to this, the hair cells inside the ears can be harmed by excessively loud noise, leading to premature hearing loss.

Here are five methods you can use to improve your hearing.


1. Play games (solve puzzles)

In processing the sound information our ears get, the brain plays such a significant part that we can’t neglect. There are connections between hearing loss and psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression, research has found.

Brain atrophy, which occurred when brain cells and connection diminish or are damaged, might be the result of this. Like muscles, to remain solid and pumping, the brain needs a good workout.

Solving puzzles such as crossword puzzles, word searches, and Sudoku are enjoyable activities to keep the brain juices flowing and avoid brain atrophy. Playing bingo and board games is also fun to work your brain with friends in a social environment.


2. Yoga

Yoga is known for a wide range of wellness benefits and is widely practised. There are, luckily, yoga techniques that can assist with your hearing. The primary purpose of these activities is to enhance the blood in your ears and brain because improved movement helps enhance the nerve efficiency and reduce waste and toxins.

Yoga poses that include the oak, lotus, cobra, and triangle pose aid with blood circulation. Yoga can help with tinnitus as well, and on platforms such as YouTube, there are free videos for learners.


A multi-ethnic group of young school children are indoors in their classroom. They are sitting on pillows and doing yoga together. They are sitting with their hands in their lap


3. Meditation

Meditate in a park or other public space where different types of sounds surround you. Take deep breaths while you meditate to improve blood supply and increase oxygen in the body. Focus on each sound around you, in and out, and try to tell where each sound comes from.

This exercise will help you focus on deciphering sounds and identifying each sound’s direction in noisy settings.


4. Practise focusing on and locating sounds

Hearing exercises will help you concentrate on where noises come from and who makes the sounds or what makes them.

In one area of the building, place a radio or a speaker and play music or sound at a comfortable volume. Place another sound source in a separate corner of the room and crank up the volume, so a loud environment is created by combining the two sounds.

Get a family member or friend walk about the room while reading sentences from a book or newspaper. Shut your eyes, say the sentence back to them, and try to find the corner they are reading the sentence from.


Man taking vitamins and supplements


5. Vitamins

Several vitamins and minerals have been associated with hearing improvement. Folic acid stimulates circulation to your ears and energy production in the cells that are responsible for hearing.

In the auditory system, magnesium aids good nerve functioning and helps prevent damage to the arteries’ inner lining.

The hair cells in your ears responsible for emitting the vibrations that transmit electrical signals to your brain are shielded by zinc. Zinc also helps the immune system of the body, helping prevent ear infections.

B vitamins supply the ears with several benefits, including fluid level control and oxygen utilization optimization.


Final Thoughts: Get Tested!

Although hearing loss can’t be completely cured, with a few simple lifestyle changes, you may be able to keep it from getting worse. However, early detection is important, so get your hearing tested regularly.

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