Due to personal reasons, many people choose to settle for a home visit hearing test in Malaysia.

Some of those reasons include the distance from home to a medical centre or hearing aid centre, other health conditions, age, privacy, convenience, etc.

A home hearing test in Malaysia is not so different from the one done in the clinic except that, instead of going to see an audiologist in a clinic, he comes to your home.

Why People Prefer a Home Visit Hearing Test?

1. Inability to Travel

Patients may be unable to travel due to reasons such as distance to the clinic, other health conditions, or doctor’s advice.

2. Convenience

Many people are not comfortable being in a hospital, so they prefer a home visit. It makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. Also, family members are around to comfort them.

3. Family Involvement

In a home visit, the family will be assessed as a unit. If possible, a close friend or carer should also be present — to provide a familiar voice for you to listen to. This is especially useful when testing your hearing aid. The presence of family and friends also makes you feel more relaxed.

In Malaysia, some of the services available include hearing test, hearing aid trial, hearing aid fitting, hearing aid adjustment, and consultation.

help a man wearing hearing aid

Hearing Test

The audiologist comes to your home with some specialist equipment, including headphones – and carries out the test in a quiet room in your home.

The audiologist will examine both ears to check for any infection or blockage before doing the full hearing test to determine the extent of damage or hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Trial

With the free hearing aid trial service, you can experiment with the listening environments you struggle with the most in your own time and at your leisure.

The trial service will enable the audiologist to understand what you hear currently, what you feel you’re missing, and what your expectations are for the future so that they can use their expert knowledge and experience to customise your digital hearing aid, allowing you to rediscover all those sounds you’ve been missing.

fitting the heading aid by a old man

Hearing Aid Fitting

A hearing aid fitting isn’t just about selecting the right device for your hearing requirements.

The hearing aid is also supposed to sit correctly in your ear – to provide the proper amount of amplification to maximize hearing. A home visit also allows the audiologist to fit your hearing aid properly.

Before fitting the hearing aids, the audiologist will carry out a thorough hearing test to measure the softest sound you can hear at different pitches and then record the volume of sound that is too loud for you.

Based on the results of the test, your audiologist will know how sound the hearing aid needs to provide — and amplify soft sounds so that they are audible enough and reduce loud sounds so that they are comfortable for you.

Hearing Aid Adjustment

During the trial period – and sometimes after, your hearing aids may need to be adjusted until you’re comfortable with your level of hearing.

The home visit service also allows the audiologist to keep coming back until you achieve your desired result.

a girl look at doctor during consultation


Your hearing test appointment usually starts with a consultation with an audiologist. The same helpful and friendly audiologist you’d see at the clinic would visit your home for the consultation.

During the consultation, he will examine your ears with an otoscope to check for any infection or blockage, which may have affected your ability to hear.

Remember, it is not advisable to buy a hearing in Malaysia without prior tests and prescriptions by an audiologist.

If you think you have trouble hearing, visit a hearing aid centre or call for a home visit. For patients who are living in Penang, Johor Bahru, Selangor, KL and Melaka you can get more information by visiting our website.

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