If you think you’re experiencing some level of hearing loss, it may be time for a hearing test. In Malaysia, there are different ways to get a hearing test, including a home visit – especially if you have a health condition that restricts your movement. Or, maybe you want privacy and convenience.

Other ways you can get a hearing test in Malaysia include a telephone-based hearing test, hearing test on the clinic/hospital, pharmacies, and opticians, and online hearing test.

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Telephone-based Hearing Tests

There is a scientifically proven hearing test that you can take over the phone in the privacy and convenience of your home. The telephone-based hearing test takes an entirely different approach from the regular hearing test where you get to see a specialist physically.

The test is based on your ability to pick out specific numbers from a lot of background noise. There is a correlation between how you hear speech in a noisy room and the level of your hearing loss.

In the telephone-based hearing test, you have to call a number, after connecting, you’ll hear numbers embedded in a lot of static noises. Then, you press your phone’s keypad to select the numbers you heard.

After the test, you’ll be told if your hearing is normal, or if there’s a slight or substantial hearing loss. The test is conducted separately for each ear.

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Online Hearing Test

An online hearing test, just like any other form of a hearing test in Malaysia, is done to pinpoint your hearing challenges. The test is done to check your ability to hear messages in noisy environments, and high frequency sounds to determine if you need to see an ENT specialist or an audiologist.

Before listening to any audio, some online test website will require you to answer a few questions about the hearing challenges in your daily life. After answering the questions, you will be required to type the number combinations playing out in high background noise. The background noise will intensify during the test.

After the test, you will be shown your results which will determine if you need to see a professional.

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Home Visit Hearing Test

There are many reasons why anyone can opt for a home visit hearing test in Malaysia. It could be due to some other medical condition or due to their busy schedule.
The thought of taking extra time off work or having to drive a long distance after a long day can put people off, making them opt for a home visit.

Most people think that a hearing test can only be done in a sound-proof booth. This is not precisely accurate. The audiologist carries some specialist equipment, including headphones that can test your hearing in any quiet room in your home.

The procedure is the same as one done in the clinic. The audiologist will examine your ears to check for blockage or infection, then carry out the full hearing test to find out the exact level of hearing loss. After the diagnosis, your audiologist will discuss the options available for your hearing needs.

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