Aural rehabilitation is a term that is associated with hearing. Aural rehab or A.R., as it is widely known, covers a wide scope of practices which is directed at enhancing an individual ability to take part in certain activities that he or she is restricted to as a result of hearing defect/loss.

There are some hearing healthcare experts out there who make use of aura rehabilitation model when working with clients who lack perfect hearing. Measures like that always kick off with a comprehensive audiological assessment coupled with the recommendation of devices like a hearing assistant or cochlear implant.


old man having hearing testThe Needs Assessment

Instead of depending solely on cochlear implants or hearing aids to tackle hearing complications, the aural rehab approach makes use of a Needs Assessment to help individuals who lack perfect hearing pinpoint situations that may be affected by his or her hearing disability, even with the use of copacetic amplification.

These are typically the best experiences in the life of an individual that presents difficulties with grasping speech amid the noise, which challenges the ability of such a person to maintain focus when there is an impediment in communication.

Also, aura rehab encourages the active involvement of individuals with impaired hearing in setting objectives, indicating good results and selecting the best solutions. As soon as the Needs Assessment is over, aura rehabilitation assists the individual with impaired hearing to take an active part in communication by drafting out a hearing loss management plan.

The individual who has impaired hearing can start dealing with the impediments that appear insignificant communication events and carry out some assessments on possible solutions. These solutions may be the use of certain hearing assistant and/or captions, communication tactics, auditory hearing sessions to develop strength for listening and prolonged attention, strategies for relaxation, etc.


Creating a hearing loss management plan

  • There exist several steps in hearing loss management; these steps may include: Behavioral steps, like meditating or taking part in a regular yoga practice to enhance relaxation and physical well-being.
  • The use of technology like assistive hearing devices (example Roger Pen) to make hearing possible and without any difficulties.
  • Preventive measures like staying away from noisy environments, and making a list of quiet restaurants with the help of mobile apps like iHearU.
  • Restorative measures like making a contract to leave areas that get noisy, to relax and always read a book.
  • Steps that require the use of internet resources, like online auditory training schemes such as “LACE” and “ Angel Sound” to enhance listening strength and the ability to maintain absolute attention during complicated listening circumstances.
  • Working alongside an expert like enrolling for a vis-à-vis session with an auditory training expert (such an expert can be a teacher of the deaf or a language pathologist).


teaching sign language

Advantages of Aura Rehabilitation

There are several benefits attached to adopting a thorough A.R practice. Aural rehabilitation can mitigate one’s perception of hearing impairment, enhance one’s understanding of a good life, help an individual to get acquainted with the use of hearing aids and communication tactics, and enhance one’s ability to live with hearing loss.


Types of aural rehabilitation therapies

Below are the types of aural rehabilitation therapies available for individuals with hearing difficulties. Before you determine the type of therapy that is best for you, ensure you go for a hearing test to ascertain the hearing difficulty you are facing.

  • Hearing aid orientation
  • Listening tactics
  • Speechreading
  • Auditory Training
  • Unisensory
  • Cued speech
  • Manual communication
  • Total communication

If you reside in Penang, Malaysia, you can visit an ear specialist in Penang, such as Perfect Hearing in Bukit Mertajam. Our ear specialists would carry out the necessary test on your ears and recommend the best solution to your hearing defect. Also, you should adopt aural rehabilitation if you discover that you have hearing difficulties. For more information, get in touch with our friendly staff. 

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