This is one question that most hearing aid specialists are often asked. For most people, both ears rarely have the same degree of hearing loss.

One ear is usually far worse than the other, which usually brings about that question, understandably.

Hearing is designed for two ears. The auditory system is made for it to allow the best possible hearing and understanding using both ears.

If a hearing test done by an audiologist shows that you have hearing loss in both ears, two hearing aids will be recommended.

It may be tempting to try to cut costs by purchasing a single hearing aid. However, you should know that one hearing aid cannot do the job of two.

Whether you know it or not, your ears work effectively as a pair. Therefore, using two hearing aids has advantages over wearing one.

Some advantages of using two hearing aids:


1. Provide a Full Listening Experience

When it comes to music, you know that listening to music in Stereo is better than Mono, because it improves the quality of sound.

Stereo is more natural, with a fuller and richer sound than Mono. The brain is naturally able to hear sound in the same way, but it requires input from both ears to do so.

Therefore, using one hearing aid, especially when two are required, does not provide the full input that the brain requires.


2 hearing aid


2. Help You Detect Sound Direction

Receiving sound signals from both ears will give your brain the ability to locate where sounds are coming from.

This is especially important in social situations, as it lets you know who is speaking in a group so that you can bring your attention to them.


3. Reduces the Need For Volume

When you wear both hearing aids, you can use them at a lower volume and still hear effectively.

However, wearing just one hearing aid will require you to turn up the volume to a high level in order to compensate for the other ear.
Increasing the volume of your hearing aid will make every sound too loud and may cause further damage to your hearing.


4. Two Hearing Aids will Help You Separate Voices from Noises

Using two hearing aids with directional microphones will enable you to remove the background noise in any environment, and focus on the sound you want to hear.

Using one hearing aid will make noises blend together, making it difficult to discriminate between the sounds you want to hear and those you don’t.


5. Reduce Tinnitus

If you experience that ringing sensation in the ear (Tinnitus), using two hearing aids will help minimize the effect of tinnitus.

In some cases, hearing aids are recommended for tinnitus relief – however, single hearing aid will not mask that ringing sound in the ear with no aid.

When you visit a hearing aid centre, the audiologist will prescribe the best aid for you if you have tinnitus.


Elderly wearing hearing aid


6. Two Aids Will Provide a More Relaxed Listening

Using two hearing aids is less tiring, because you don’t need to strain to listen to the sounds around you.

Studies have shown that people who wear two hearing aids when needed are more satisfied with their hearing aids than people who wear only one.


In a Nutshell

Using two hearing aids is healthier for your ears and your hearing than using one. The benefits of hearing out of both ears are too many to ignore.

Just like having two ears is better than having one, using two hearing aids is definitely better than having one.

Make plans to visit a hearing aid centre in Malaysia to see a hearing care professional.


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